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Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Balls

These dairy-free & eggless pecan pie cookies are part of a new cookie series I'm starting all about stuffed & filled cookies! The first cookie recipe was my amazing Apple Pie Cookies that went mega-viral.

Pecan Pie Cookie Dough Balls

Definitely! You can make it and store it in a closed container in the fridge for 3-4 days before using it. Keep in mind- it will solidify more in the fridge, but can still be scooped into the cookie dough before baking.

Love the cookies, made for friends for thanksgiving and were a hit.Question do you have an suggestions on best alteration for the dough for someone that doesn't like cinnamon, I tried just skipping the cinnamon but the cookie just tastes plain, maybe more sugar?

These pecan pie cookies taste just like pecan pie in a cookie, except with more cinnamon! These are cinnamon thumbprint cookies that is rolled in cinnamon sugar. They are filled in the middle with pecan pie filling.

I was inspired to make this pecan pie cookie recipe because I enjoy traditional pecan pie, but sometimes I just want to bake an easy cookie recipe instead of starting a pie. This holiday season I am filling those pecan pie cravings with the pie in a cookie form!

STEP 3: Make the dough. Add the flour mixture into the wet and mix with a spatula until just combined. Rest your dough while the oven preheats. Place parchment paper on a large cookie sheet.

STEP 8: Fill the cookies. Use a heaping teaspoon to scoop the filling into the center of each cookie.Tip: If the pecan pie filling has cooled too much, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Get ready for delicious sweet and salty Pecan Pie COOKIES! Thick soft sugar cookies topped with a brown sugar-maple pecan topping and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt. These cookies taste similar to pecan pie making them the perfect addition to a holiday dessert spread.

In a small saucepan combine butter, cream, brown sugar, maple syrup, and salt. Bring to a simmer and simmer over low heat for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat and stir in the chopped pecans. Allow to cool slightly, then scoop into the cavity of the cooled cookies.

Now that we got Thanksgiving out of the way we can move on to Christmas! These Pecan Pie Balls are a MUST for your holiday cookie tray. These things are SOOOO good! They taste just like pecan pie. The chocolate candy coating really puts these Pecan Balls over the top!

These candy balls are very easy to make. Start with chopping the pecans. Once you have the pecans chopped, mix the pecans with some graham cracker crumbs, brown sugar, maple syrup, melted butter, and vanilla. Form the pecan mixture into balls and place them in the freezer. Freezing the balls will make them easier to dip in the chocolate.

These Pecan Balls were a huge hit at our house. I shared some with friends, and everyone LOVED them! These are great for holiday parties and cookie trays. They also make great homemade gifts for teachers, co-workers, bus drivers, and friends. Package the balls in a cute box or in some cellophane bags for an easy and delicious gift!

And I have a strong feeling the same method will work great for the filling of an actual pecan pie, or maybe mini pecan pies? OR pecan pie bars?! Not sure yet, but another form of pecan pie something will probably make an appearance on the blog next Holiday season. (Notice that my vow to only have pecan pie cookies forever went away fast? LOL).

These cookies would be the perfect fun dessert to share at Thanksgiving. Especially if you are wanting something a little different than pie (again, nothing wrong with pie, I love pie), but variety is the spice of life. However, these pecan pie cookies would also be a great Christmas treat.

Actually, we have two batches of these pecan pie cookies because I goofed when I was making them to photograph. I made the little indentation too big and they spread all over the place. Still edible, still delish, but not the perfection that are these pecan pie cookies you see before you.

I was so excited to see this recipe on Pinterest. My husband loves pecan pie. I attempted to make the cookies but found the dough just ran when baking. I thought it looked too wet (like it needed more flour) after mixing it, but since it was my first time making it, decided to follow the recipe. Any suggestions?

2. To the half of the dough I had left I added 1/3 cup of flour, which made the dough more manageable. I still couldn't roll the dough, so I used the spoons again. This did make the cookies a little drier.

I think your issue is definitely the flour. Measuring flour by volume (ie cups) isn't ideal because it all depends how much you pack it into the cups. However since most recipes don't give you the weight you need to feel it out on your own. My suggestion would be to make the dough, then add flour until it is ok to work with (personally I like my cookies very flour-y). I do this with chocolate chip cookies too. Here is a link that helped me a lot with my cookies about half way down the page is says "problems" and shows cookies that are messed up and their solutions. Hope that helps!

I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago for the first time -- my husband informed me I never needed to make pecan pie again. ? I am now on my third round of making these cookies, this time for a bake sale benefiting a local family whose home burned down. What a DELICIOUS recipe. Thanks for sharing!

I saw these on Pinterest and just made these today, and I must say that they are fabulous! The only change I made was to add 1/2 tsp. salt to the dough. I was a little skeptical and didn't think they would taste like pecan pie, but holy smokes they do! Thanks for the recipe!

The first time I made these following the recipe minus the spices, the cookies spread quite a bit but were super yummy. I made them again today, and chilled the dough for about 10 minutes and they came out like the picture. The only problem was that the cookies were a little more like a shortbread and a little bit dry. Conclusion, loose dough makes loose cookies that are crispy, cold dough makes firm cookies that a a little dry

Made these for the first time today thinking I would take a batch to my son's class at school for their Thanksgiving feast. (Easier and less messy than pecan pie!) They are delicious! Fairly easy to make, and I had all the ingredients on hand. I too had the problem with the dough being super sticky, which made the cookies spread a LOT in the oven. I did not melt the butter. Just left it out on the counter for an hour or so this morning. Followed the directions to a T as well. Next time, I will omit the baking powder and add more flour until the dough seems firmer. I will definitely make them again because they are really yummy!

In the listing of ingredients, I presume the first listing is the cookie part and the second half the there really a cup of brown sugar in the dough? Only wondering because it doesn't mention mixing it in, in the directions section, except for the topping with the pecans....

My first batch is out of the oven and they look and smell amazing. Recipe was for 20 cookies, but I got 42 good sized cookies from this recipe. If you substitute dark brown sugar in the dough as I did, you will have a darker cookie than the photo. But, oh yum!

Made these this evening and got 26 mid-sized cookies. Did not have any problems with the dough. I made sure when creaming the butter and sugar, that it was fluffy, and then used my hand mixer again to combine the final ingredients until light and fluffy. The egg acts as a binding agent (I think) so it really needs to be beaten in good! Good flavor, though I wish the filling was a bit richer. Will play around with this recipe!

Made these for thanksgiving instead of my usual pecan pie and they are amazing. Only thing I did differently was mix about 1/4 cup chopped pecans into the dough (saw this in another recipe) and they turned out great. I chilled the dough while making the filling and used a cookie scoop to form the balls. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

CHOCOLATE: You could also change these maple pecan balls up and use white chocolate melting discs for dipping instead of milk chocolate. Chocolate melting discs will also come in different colors, so you can get creative and customize your treats.

STEP TWO: Once chilled, using a 2-inch cookie scoop, scoop out the pecan filling and form it into tight balls. Set the pecan balls onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and repeat until all the balls are formed.

STEP FOUR: Using a fork, gently place one pecan ball at a time into the melted chocolate candy coating. Roll it around in the melted chocolate, being very careful not to break apart the pecan ball, and lift out the chocolate-coated pecan pie balls with the same fork and place balls back onto the parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Repeat this process until all the pecan pie balls are coated in chocolate.

STEP FIVE: At this time, you can sprinkle on some holiday-themed candy sprinkles if desired onto the tops of each pecan pie ball. Place cookie sheet into the refrigerator for 2 hours, uncovered, while the chocolate sets.

This holiday season, whip up a batch of these delightful pecan pie balls. They boast all the rich flavors of pecan pie packed into adorable bite-sized packages. With a sweet and gooey filling and nutty crunch of pecans wrapped in chocolate, these treats are sure to be a winner.

As soon as I tried the Crumbl version, I knew I had to create my own. I modified the pecan pie filling from this layer cake and loaded it into a buttery sugar cookie cup. The results were even more scrumptious than I ever could have hoped! Once you bite into the tender sugar cookie base, the caramel-y pie filling melts in your mouth to leave behind the satisfying crunch of the chopped pecans.

Chewy sugar cookie cups are filled with gooey homemade pecan pie filling in these easy Copycat Crumbl Cookies! Family gatherings are always cherished when everyone gets to devour their own little pecan pie.


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