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Cod (1).exe

They update the multiplayer parts, including the multiplayer .exe. Multiplayer .exe does not have a CD check anyway, so it can be tried to rule out bad noCD patch (which probably isn't an issue here).

cod (1).exe

Download Zip:

Obviously don't change the path if you have the game installed elsewhere, just add those parameters after CoDSP.exe as written. Start the game and quit it. Log file console.log will appear in Call of Duty\main folder. Post its content here so we can see if there are any clues there. Before you just copy-paste it, you might want to delete/change the line containing your Windows account user name if it's something you don't want to be seen publicly.

If its an older game you are playing and you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 it may not work, if you right click the .exe file and choose Properties and then Compatibility you can change this to run in Windows 98/ Windows 2000 etc. You can find more information on the Beginners Help page here

I have an Intel i5 3210M CPU with an Intel HD 4000 graphics core. Since driver version (published May 2014) the game crashes shortly after starting CoDSP.exe (Singel Player) or CoDMP.exe (Multiplayer). So the game tries to start up and immediately crashes (black screen, Windows error sound, "hidden" error message):

3) There is a workaround for the problematic driver versions ( =1# c540743032455384127 see SteamCommunity): copying and changing the name of one of the two "game-lauchers" (CoDSP.exe/CoDMP.exe) into "mohaa.exe" solves the problem when a problematic driver version ( and above) is installed!!! This is quite crazy. Mohaa should stand for the computer game "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault". However when using a random name like abc.exe the game crashes again while starting...

---> It looks like renaming the .exe's to mohaa.exe forces the driver to use an internal driver profile (created by Intel for MoHAA), which is obviously also compatible with Call of Duty (1). Therefore this workaround makes it possible to use the latest Intel graphics driver(s) with Call of Duty 1. I know, this sounds quite crazy...but it is like that

These error codes are returned by the Windows Installer functions MsiExec.exe and InstMsi.exe. Note that any error in Winerror.h (such as ERROR_INVALID_DATA) can be returned as well. For more error codes returned by the Windows Installer, see Windows Installer error messages.

Aside from the launcher, select the same Run as administrator setting for the Call of Duty Warzone game. Open your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare folder in Explorer. Then select the Run as administrator option for Modern Warfare.exe and Modern Warfare Launcher.exe as outlined above.

To change fov in multiplayer open CoDWaWmp.exe with a hex editor such as HxD.Go to address 004A3240 and change 82 42 to A0 42 for fov 80 or B4 42 for 90.(To get different values use a Floating Point Converter.)To do the same in singpleplayer open CoDWaW.exe with a hex editor such as HxD.Go to address 004AEF40 and change 82 42 to A0 42 for fov 80 or B4 42 for 90.(The difference is that solo and zombie map files themselves revert cg_fov back to 65change it back to 80 on spawn or use /bind W "+forward;cg_fov 80" as a workaround.)Please keep in mind that the hex edits do not work on the steam install as the codwaw.exe appears to be protected. Hex edits will result in a Error code 51 when attempting to launch.

When I downloaded the mod and ran the program to install it told me to select "BlackOps.exe" and, because I was on the cracked version, I had like 4 .exe files to run Black Ops. When I want to play the game, I know which files to open and it works fine. I've tried all of them and it still didn't work

@prestige_master Install the game_mod first:, extract it to your game folder and then select the Bo_Mods file, right click and "edit", change it from BlackOps.exe to BGamerT5.exeSo every time you go to play open the bgT5Launcher put it on Start Hostmode and then run the Bo_Mods file

Only continue here if your installation requires this. Head to the root Black Ops 1 folder, then find the file bin\launcher_ldr.exe this file is the one that runs Game_Mod properly. To make it require administrator access, right click and go to properties then security tab, at the bottom you will see Run this program as administrator:

DIAMOND is distributed as a self-extracting executable file (*-Setup.exe). It isprovided with online-help, a user manual/tutorial, the "Crystallography Open Database" (COD) as well as several sample files.

Please note: (1) The POV-Ray editor (to edit, change, render, and debug POV-Ray 3D scene files) uses a different license type and is thus not included in the above mentioned software package. The last step in the installation procedure will point you to a POV-Ray web page where you can download the POV-Ray editor from. We strongly recommend to install this editor, too, even if you do not intend to edit or debug POV-Ray scene files. Otherwise you will receive a prompt whenever Diamond starts a POV-Ray rendering job and the command "Tools/POV-Ray/Launch Environment..." fails or shows an auxiliary POV-Ray window where you cannot edit the POV-Ray scene file. (2) You should run POV-Ray separately before you make the first POV-Ray rendering job from Diamond. Otherwise Diamond may have trouble locating the POV-Ray executable "pvengine[64].exe" on your hard disk.

In most cases, call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe file problems are due to the file missing or being corrupted (malware / virus) and often seen at Third-Party Application program startup. Downloading and replacing your EXE file can fix the problem in most cases. As a supplemental troubleshooting step, we highly recommend cleaning up any invalid file path and EXE file extension references that could contribute to creating these call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe error messages.

Please take caution in ensuring the file is placed in the correct file directory. Following these instructions carefully should resolve your call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe error, but we recommend running a brief check. Test the outcome of your replaced file by opening Third-Party Application and seeing if the error message is still being triggered.

Usually call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe errors with Third-Party Application happen during startup or shutdown, while call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe related programs are running, or rarely during the OS update sequence. Recording call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe errors inside Third-Party Application is crucial to locate faults and relaying back to Windows Software Developer for repair options.

These call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe troubles are created by missing or corrupt call of duty modern warfare 2.part01.exe files, invalid Third-Party Application registry entries, or malicious software.

Added in Win2016/10. These fields only apply when the process is started under a different user account. By default, a new process runs under the same account and logon session as the creator process. One of the examples below shows the SYSTEM account starting RuntimeBroker.exe as a different user.

A new CMD.exe session can be instantiated in several ways, explicitly starting a new CMD session from an existing CMD shell, CALLing a batch file or implicit instantiation caused by piping a command or running a FOR /F command. 041b061a72


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