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Öffentlich·26 Mitglieder kohne versiya - Neden hala populer? kohne versiya: What is it and why should you use it?

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to meet new people, chat, and enjoy various entertainment options, you might have heard of This is a popular social networking platform in Azerbaijan that connects thousands of users every day. But did you know that there is also a kohne versiya, or an old version, that you can use instead of the new one? In this article, we will explain what kohne versiya is, how to use it, and why you might prefer it over the new version. Read on to find out more! kohne versiya


What is is a website that offers a variety of services for its users, such as online dating, chatting, forums, games, music, videos, and more. It was launched in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms in Azerbaijan. According to its official website, has over 1.5 million registered users and over 100,000 active users daily. You can join for free and create your own profile, upload photos, send messages, join groups, play games, watch videos, listen to music, and much more.

What is kohne versiya? kohne versiya is the old version of that was used before the website underwent a major redesign in 2019. The old version has a simpler and more classic layout, with fewer features and options than the new version. However, some users still prefer the old version because they find it easier to navigate, faster to load, and more familiar to use. You can access the old version by clicking on the "Kohne Versiya" link at the bottom of the homepage of

What are the benefits of using kohne versiya?

There are several reasons why you might want to use kohne versiya instead of the new one. Here are some of them:

  • You like the simple and classic design of the old version.

  • You have a slow internet connection or an old device that cannot handle the new version.

  • You are used to the old version and do not want to learn how to use the new one.

  • You prefer the features and options that are available on the old version but not on the new one.

  • You want to avoid ads and pop-ups that are more frequent on the new version.

Of course, these are not the only benefits of using kohne versiya. You might have your own personal preferences and reasons for choosing it over the new one. The important thing is that you enjoy using it and have fun with it. kohne versiya cirtdan nagili login kohne versiya harayima gel ay ureyim tanisliq ve eylence platformasi kohne versiya cizgi film kohne versiya azeri bass music kohne versiya intiqam shemkirli kohne versiya aslan ilyasov kohne versiya mehemmed aliyev kohne versiya odnoklassnik kohne versiya youtube kohne versiya whatsapp kohne versiya facebook kohne versiya instagram kohne versiya skype kohne versiya like et kohne versiya kanala abone ol kohne versiya maraqli sohbetler kohne versiya muzakireler kohne versiya yeni tanisliqlar kohne versiya cox boyuk sohbet platformasiyiq kohne versiya bize qosulun kohne versiya presscopyrightcontact uscreatorsadvertisedeveloperstermsprivacypolicy & safetyhow youtube workstest new features kohne versiya google llc kohne versiya physics problem to engineering one kohne versiya new scientist kohne versiya nuclear fusion reactor kohne versiya 100 million degrees celsius kohne versiya 30 seconds kohne versiya net energy gain kohne versiya holy grail fusion experiment kohne versiya mini sun kohne versiya the sun news article kohne versiya yahoo news article kohne versiya south korea's KSTAR facility kohne versiya Korea Institute of Fusion Energy

How to use kohne versiya?

How to sign up for kohne versiya?

If you want to use kohne versiya, you need to create an account first. The process is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Here are the steps:- Go to the homepage of and click on the "Kohne Versiya" link at the bottom.

- On the old version homepage, click on the "Qeydiyyat" button at the top right corner.

- Fill in the registration form with your username, password, email, gender, date of birth, and captcha code.

- Click on the "Qeydiyyatdan keç" button to complete the registration.

- Check your email for a confirmation link and click on it to activate your account.

- Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for kohne versiya. You can now log in and start using it.

How to find new friends and chat on kohne versiya?

One of the main features of kohne versiya is the ability to find new friends and chat with them online. You can do this in several ways:

  • You can browse through the profiles of other users and send them messages or friend requests.

  • You can join one of the many groups that are available on different topics and interests and chat with other members.

  • You can use the search function to find users who match your criteria and preferences.

  • You can enter one of the chat rooms that are open for everyone and join the conversation.

  • You can create your own chat room and invite other users to join it.

Whichever way you choose, you will be able to communicate with other users in real time and have fun conversations. You can also use emoticons, stickers, gifs, and voice messages to make your chats more lively and expressive.

How to enjoy the entertainment features on kohne versiya?

Another feature of kohne versiya is the entertainment section, where you can find various options to have fun and relax. You can access this section by clicking on the "Əyləncə" button at the top menu. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • You can play online games with other users or by yourself. There are many games to choose from, such as puzzles, arcade, racing, sports, cards, etc.

  • You can watch online videos that are uploaded by other users or by staff. You can also upload your own videos and share them with others.

  • You can listen to online music that is streamed by or by other users. You can also create your own playlists and share them with others.

  • You can read online articles that are written by staff or by other users. You can also write your own articles and share them with others.

As you can see, there is something for everyone in the entertainment section of kohne versiya. You can enjoy these features anytime you want and have a great time.

Comparison of kohne versiya and yeni versiya

What are the main differences between the two versions?

As we mentioned before, kohne versiya is the old version of that was used before 2019, while yeni versiya is the new version that was launched in 2019. The main differences between the two versions are: kohne yeni versiya

Has a simple and classic layoutHas a modern and sleek layout

Has fewer features and optionsHas more features and options

Is faster to load and easier to navigateIs slower to load and harder to navigate

Has less ads and pop-upsHas more ads and pop-ups

Is more familiar and comfortable for some usersIs more unfamiliar and uncomfortable for some users

What are the pros and cons of each version?

The pros and cons of each version depend on your personal preferences and needs. However, here are some general advantages and disadvantages of each version: kohne yeni versiya

+ Simple and classic design+ Faster loading and easier navigation+ Less ads and pop-ups+ More familiar and comfortable - More features and options- Modern and sleek design- More ads and pop-ups- Slower loading and harder navigation + More features and options+ Modern and sleek design- More ads and pop-ups- Slower loading and harder navigation

- Fewer features and options- Outdated and boring design+ Less ads and pop-ups+ Faster loading and easier navigation - Fewer features and options- Outdated and boring design+ Less ads and pop-ups+ Faster loading and easier navigation

Which version should you choose and why?

The choice between kohne versiya and yeni versiya is ultimately up to you. You should choose the version that suits your preferences, needs, and expectations. However, here are some factors that might help you decide:

  • If you value simplicity, speed, and familiarity, you might prefer kohne versiya.

  • If you value variety, innovation, and novelty, you might prefer yeni versiya.

  • If you have a slow internet connection or an old device, you might prefer kohne versiya.

If you have a fast internet connect


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