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Dark Encounter LINK

Dark Encounter is a 2019 science fiction mystery thriller, written and directed by Carl Strathie, in which a terrorising alien encounter reveals the dark truth behind a child disappearance in rural Pennsylvania.

Dark Encounter

Carl Strathie: Thank you very much! The idea for Dark Encounter came in fragmented pieces over many years. I guess it started with my childhood fascination with UFOs and aliens. I used to have countless UFO books and various "caught on tape" VHS series, which I used to obsess over. I used to come up with stories quite young and I remember vividly at the age of about 12 sitting in my back garden on warm summer evenings on a picnic bench until dark, where our country garden used to back onto barley fields. I would have my Walkman on, playing spooky movie soundtracks, visualizing "lights in the sky" hovering over fields and through trees, witnessed by a family in a farmhouse looking on in awe. That was the root of the initial concept and it just grew over the years from there. The story of a little girl going missing, leading to the final act of the story (which I shall say nothing about...) was a completely separate idea I had, and I decided quite late on to merge the two concepts, creating what Dark Encounter is today.

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