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Meme Sea codes are freebies given out by the developer, Meme Sea Group, to help you on your meme-tastic journey, offering heaps of goodies from money to gems. Meme Sea Group drops new codes to celebrate the game reaching certain milestones, like a specific number of visits. So be sure to add the game to your favourites and bookmark this page for more!


Meme Sea is quite the grind; in the game you fight meme bosses, such as the Floppa Boss, to earn XP and level up your character. Along this journey, you will earn money and unlock items, such as the Quest Scroll, to aid you in your ambition to become the highest-level captain of the meme sea.

This will check for the existence of the required and optional Perl modules directly used by the MEME Suite. If it can't find a module it will display a warning giving the module name and a description of the tasks that require it. For example the output might look like this:

In this case all the modules required for running the MEME Suite command line tools have already been installed with the minor exception of Math::CDF which is only needed for a script which probably won't be used anyway.

Ghostscript is used to create PNG (portable network graphic) images from EPS (encapsulated postscript) images. Most of the more recent programs in the MEME Suite have the capability to show images in their HTML output even when no PNG images are available.

If you are installing the MEME Suite on an Apple computer, you may want to install the MacPorts software. MacPorts will make it much easier to install many other software packages such as Ghostscript, OpenMPI and Tomcat. You can get MacPorts from To see if MacPorts can install a package for you, just enter a command like port list 'tomcat*' and MacPorts will tell you if it can install the package.

Ant is Java's equivalent of a Make and is used to build the Java code used by the website. Additionally Ant is used to create a list of the website files when the developer only bootstrap script is run.

When installing the website the MEME Suite will put the web archive meme-version_string("VERSION");.war in the directory $CATALINA_BASE/webapps and the SQLite library sqlite-jdbc-x.x.x.jar in the directory $CATALINA_BASE/lib.

The configure script is found in the root directory of the distribution and used to set installation parameters. For a list of all available configuration parameters see section Customizing configuration below. Here we will discuss the most common configuration settings. The general form of the configure command is:

MEME Suite tool output files contain buttons that will send your results over the Internet when clicked. This is a very useful and powerful feature of the MEME Suite tools. If you want the buttons and hyperlinks in the HTML output of the tools to access the MEME Suite web server at, the simplest configuration command is:

The installation root directory can be specified using the parameter prefix. For example, ./configure --prefix=$HOME/memeyour install path --with-url="" This will install only the command-line versions of the MEME Suite tools and none of the web components. The MEME Suite directories will be created under the directory specified by the prefix option. The buttons and hyperlinks in the HTML output of the tools will link to the MEME Suite web server at This is probably the most common use of configure.

The MEME Suite depends on the libraries libxml2 and libxslt. If these libraries are already installed, MEME will use try to use the installed versions. Otherwise, MEME will build its own copies of these libraries. If for some reason you want to force MEME Suite to build its own copies of libxml2 and libxslt, you can do so by using the --enable-build-libxml2 and --enable-build-libxslt options. For example, ./configure --prefix=$HOME/memeyour install path --enable-build-libxml2 --enable-build-libxslt This will cause the MEME Suite to build its own copies of libxml2 and xslt.

The parameter with-url was introduced in the previous section. It sets the URL for the web site hosting the static HTML pages and CGI scripts. If you are installing your own MEME Suite web application you will need to set this parameter.

The parameter enable-web turns on installation of the MEME Suite web site. It can also be used to specify the URL for the MEME Suite SOAP services. The default URL for the MEME Suite SOAP services is For example,

would install the MEME Suite command line tools and the web application under your install path. The web application would use the MEME Suite SOAP services at to process requests.

To use the MEME Suite on the command-line you should set the environment variable PATH so that your shell can find the newly installed tools. The primary MEME Suite tools, meme, dreme, meme-chip, mast, fimo, etc., will be stored in the bin subdirectory of the installation. Supporting utilities are stored in the directory named libexec/meme-version # (e.g., $HOME/meme/libexec/meme-version_string("VERSION");) subdirectory. The steps to set your PATH will depend on the shell you use.

For the Bash shell you should edit the file called .bash_profile or .profile in your home directory. Add the following line to include the primary MEME Suite tools in your search PATH: export PATH=your install path/bin:your install path/libexec/meme-version #:$PATH

For C shell (aka csh and the similar tcsh) you should edit the file called .cshrc (or .tcshrc, if you use tcsh) in your home directory to add the following line: setenv PATH your install path/bin:your install path/libexec/meme-version #:$PATH

The process of configuring, building, and installing MEME Suite from a Git repository is the same as installing from a tarball, but with two extra, initial steps: you must check out the repository, and you must run the bootstrap script.

In the documentary Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner, Hauer, director Ridley Scott, and screenwriter David Peoples confirm that Hauer significantly modified the speech. In his autobiography, Hauer said he merely cut the original scripted speech by several lines, adding only, "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain".[8] One earlier version in Peoples' draft screenplays was:

In addition to directing The Sea Beast, Williams also co-wrote the script with Nell Benjamin and produced alongside Jed Schlanger. The animated film features the voices of Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens and Kathy Burke.

Like anything online in the current day and age, social media memes can take on a life of their own, and the Demolition Man three seashells meme was born in 2007. It regained popularity in 2020 when connections were drawn between the COVID-19 pandemic and the world presented in Demolition Man. As happens with so many Marvel and Fast & Furious memes, the joke gained traction, and on February 8th, 2008, Urban Dictionary listed an entry titled "Three Seashells," further explaining the proper procedure. The Demolition Man three seashells method has now become the stuff of legend, bringing the movie sporadically back into the spotlight.

Although the other M*A*S*H actors did not know while they were filming the rest of "Abyssinia, Henry" that it would ultimately end with Col. Blake's death, they did know what was going to happen before they undertook the episode's final scene. As actor Jamie Farr (who played Corporal Klinger) relates in The Complete Book of M*A*S*H, writer/director Larry Gelbart showed the cast the script's final page and solicited their comments before they assembled to shoot that memorable last scene:

[T]he last episode of the third year ... when we read the [script] page and found out that Henry died, we were all stunned, and Larry [Gelbart] asked for comments and a lot of people had their say. But I didn't say anything because I didn't think they would really care what I had to say. I happened to agree with doing it, but I didn't say a word.

Gene and I worked out a story entitled "Abyssinia, Henry" ... we distributed the finished script to the cast and various production departments, but removed the last page, which called for Radar to enter the O.R. and read a Defense Department communiqué that informs everyone that Henry Blake, who had been discharged and was flying back to his family in the States, had gone down in the Sea of Japan. "There weren't no survivors," he concludes.

I recently rebooted this blog partly because there was so much that changed about my environment. When I started to examine all of the scripts I was flipping, the common thread that emerged was FEAR. Here\u2019s an uplifting list of things I was afraid of for so many years!

The kids these days have an expression: \u201CGo outside and touch grass.\u201D You say this to someone who has gone too far down the digital rabbit hole. They\u2019ve spent too much time screaming at strangers online, becoming the mayor of the Metaverse in the process, so people would tell them to go outside and touch grass. Flip the script! Detach from your virtual self and reconnect with your body and with nature. In northern latitudes, you get a bonus script flip because of the end of winter and second winter. Grass is growing, and it\u2019s finally warm enough outdoors to stop watching \u201CInside\u201D by Bo Burnham that you can go outside and touch things. I asked a bartender their opinion on the meaning of going outside and touching grass, and they viewed it as a grounding exercise to centre your chakra. Double bonus for the electrical meaning of grounding. Damn, the kids are alright.

Alas, figuratively touching grass is helping me flip the script on FEAR. Walking, cycling, swimming, generally soaking up the sunshine. It\u2019s great. Physical activity builds confidence, flexes the muscles and brain, prevents injuries. Maybe it also serves as a distraction. It\u2019s hard to ruminate when there\u2019s an activity urgently demanding your attention, like wandering through the park. Squirrel! This past winter was pretty dark and depressing, so combined with taking time away from work for the last two months, my mood is far better now that I can get some outdoors time. Flipping the script by going outside to touch grass is badass. *self-high-five* 041b061a72


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