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[S4E7] Problem Dog [REPACK]

Jesse returns to his Narcotics Anonymous group. During his turn, he discreetly shares his feelings about killing Gale Boetticher, saying he put down a "problem dog" that otherwise did nothing wrong. The group leader tells him not to judge himself, but Jesse angrily disagrees and reveals to everyone that he had used the group as a market to peddle meth. The group leader finally expresses disapproval of Jesse.

[S4E7] Problem Dog

The next day, Marie visits the car wash and tells Skyler that Hank's therapy and spirits have improved. Walt sneaks $274,000 in drug money past them hidden in pallets of soda. After Marie leaves, Skyler and Walt regroup. Skyler is stunned to realize that Walt's yearly income is more than $7 million, telling him that it's too much to launder. Walt coldly reminds her that this is a problem she wanted to solve; Skyler reminds him she wanted none of their present situation. She isn't pleased, but packs Walt's cash into the safe and mulls things over.

That evening, Jesse attends his Narcotics Anonymous support group meeting and indirectly bares his soul about killing Gale, telling a story about a fictitious "problem dog" he put down. Another addict criticizes Jesse for animal cruelty, but the group leader cautions the group not to judge. The dam finally breaking, Jesse asks why not, admitting that he's really at the meetings only to sell meth to the other members. The following day, in the superlab, Walt asks Jesse's progress of the assassination attempt. Jesse lies and says he hasn't seen Gus.

In Texas, the stranger who helped Jimmy masturbate horses finally introduces herself as Emily, and offers to buy Jimmy dinner. Though he hesitates, thinking about Mia, he counters and offers to buy her dinner. On her way home from the office, Beth passes a group protesting a store selling fur and notices Summer among them. Beth approaches Summer to tell her that she's approaching the problem from the wrong end, that the store's not the source of her problem. The two are still entirely confrontational, but oddly united in thinking that the airport and ski lodge are a much bigger environmental problem.

BoJack makes a hasty exit and goes back to the room with Diane. Diane is laying on the floor, complaining about how she's going to die trapped underground because of her husband, and surrounded by his ex-wives. BoJack tries to assure her that she has a good life, but this makes Diane realize that she wasn't happy above ground either. She breaks down crying, saying she's the problem and she can't be happy. She calls herself a pit good things fall into. She felt bad for crying, but BoJack assures her it's fine, and not to feel bad about feeling bad.

Stiles goes on to discuss how the bonds were just gathering dust down there and points out how many problems the money could solve for everyone. He says the Eichen House bill and the cost of the MRI he had (see Riddled) are crushing his father. Scott explains that Melissa does this thing where she writes down all the stuff in their budget, adds it all up, and figures out how much longer they have until they lose the house.

Now that he has solved the problem called Taylor, Axe can focus on the only father figure in his life, Bruno. And thank God for Rebecca who understands Bruno! She tells Axe earlier in the episode that Bruno seriously wants to work on his tan in Florida. Axe may not understand it, but after a lifetime in front of the oven, a quiet life in Florida may be the ideal life for Bruno. 041b061a72


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