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Ready Full Movie Download Free Mp4

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Ready full movie download free mp4

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In a previous post I showed how to map crime data for the month of July for the City of St. Louis. In this post, I will show how to map and animate similar crime statistics for a larger city over a time span of 13 years. The city of Chicago keeps an excellent public record of all crimes committed within its boundaries. Its data access portal is fully searchable online and allows for easy download. This data access portal compares very favorably to the St. Louis crime statistics data portal which is much more dated: Download of statistics by month only, data only available for one year back, and data in a geolocation format that uses a somewhat obscure state plane coordinate system instead of simple latitude/longitude notation. It would be good if the City of St. Louis adopted the approach taken by the City of Chicago.

The first step in creating this crime animation was to download the full data set. I opted for the CSV format option, which yielded a 1.4GB data file containing all the necessary data (about 5,500,000 crimes). This imports the raw data and selects the rows containing valid dates, locations and crime types (total computation time about 288 seconds):

Now we're ready to generate the movie frames. We will generate a 1 minute movie, which equates to 1,500 frames (with a frame rate of 25fps). We have 5,568,545 crime data points and each frame will contain about 18,000 of them total with 3,700 new data points in each frame (which slowly fade from red to black):

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