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[S1E10] Forgiveness And Stuff

A bunch of annoying things happen in this episode. As previously mentioned, I don't care for any of the Jesus-y stuff. It gives me church flashbacks that I've been suppressing for years. In middle school/early high school, I went through a short-lived Jesus phase where I was very involved with Sunday school and youth group. I went to Relient K concerts. I wrote my sins down on a piece of paper and lit them on fire. I read "Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul." I was Mary in the Christmas pageant. In other words, I was a complete moron. Sorry, am I isolating readers? Whatever. Anyway, all I'm trying to say is that I don't care for religion and I hate whenever it creeps up in places I normally wouldn't expect to see it.

[S1E10] Forgiveness and Stuff

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  • Tropes: Anguished Declaration of Love: A variant. Emily tells Richard he is not allowed to die before her.

  • Blatant Lies: Emily contradicts herself, first telling guests Lorelai couldn't come to Christmas dinner because she had to work, then later saying it is because she caught the flu. Technically the "had to work" one is correct, except that she could have gotten off work for dinner, just not for cocktails.

  • Brick Joke: Rory can't find the baby Jesus doll's arm, and Taylor demands that she keeps looking. After she fails repeatedly and leaves, a dog shows up carrying the arm, but no one notices.

  • Christmas Episode: The episode has Stars Hollow preparing to put on the Nativity play, and the Gilmore Christmas dinner is a plot point. Even so, the episode itself is explicitly stated to take place around December 10, subverting the trope.

  • Cry into Chest: Lorelai cries Tears of Joy into Luke's chest when she realizes her father's going to be okay.

  • Embarrassing Nickname: After falling asleep in the dance studio in the last episode, Dean is known as Narcolepsy Boy.

  • Godwin's Law: Subverted by Lorelai when she compares Dean favorably to Osama bin Laden.

  • Metaphorgotten: When Rory wants to give Dean a book for his birthday, Lane points out that it would have been as though he gave Rory a football. She ends up referring to ''Metamorphosis'' as a Czechoslovakian football.

  • Method Acting: In-universe, they only cast pregnant women to play Mary. Luckily baby Jesus is played by a doll.

  • Off with His Head!: Discussed - Lorelai admits to Dean she thought about trying to cut his head off with hedge clippers. Really dull ones.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Luke picks up on something being up with Lorelai when she asks for the menu.

  • Self-Deprecation: Rory accuses Lorelai of acting immature. Lorelai assures her it's not acting.

  • Shout-Out: Rory says it's still very The Miracle Worker around her house.

  • Rory wants to give Dean The Metamorphosis.

  • A guest at Emily's party is named Gigi

  • Richard never bought Lorelai a Barbie.

  • Lorelai is dead certain that she will never be able to understand what Charo is saying.

  • Think Happy Thoughts: Luke's advice for handling your Dad being in the hospital. Lorelai gets freaked out about this, because Luke has never talked like this before.

  • This Is the Part Where...: When Luke is driving Lorelai to the hospital, Lorelai says she feels like this is the part where she's supposed to talk about what a wonderful person her father was, and how he always bought stuff for her and spent time with her, except it didn't happen that way (though she takes pains to point out her father worked hard and provided for his family).

Now, we reach the final articles of the Nicene Creed. These might seem like short throwaway lines, leftover after all the important stuff about God has already been confessed in the creed. Alternatively, they might simply sound confusing; we might know what it means to confess that we believe in God, but what does it mean to confess that we believe in a church, or in baptism, or that we are looking for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come?

Luke: I've kept my father's entire store just the way he left it.Emily: Really?Luke: Well, I turned it into a diner. But I kept all his stuff on the walls, his pictures in the office. Even the "Hardware" sign.Emily: I'm sure he would've appreciated having his life's work being honored like that.Luke: He would have called me a damn fool. 041b061a72


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